Journey iT (PTY) Ltd is a new independent and black owned company in South African. It was established in 2018 by Noezan Sithole and Ayanda Ndlovu.

Journey iT is currently located in Johannesburg where is will suit best the kind of business we intend to build. Our focus is to deliver effective digital marketing services and commercial search solutions to the local SME and corporate market. We pride ourselves on building bespoke solutions that cater to our client’s needs thereby delivering meaningful action and satisfaction.

We intend in contributing to the digital marketing industry with our dynamic approach to creating new solutions and improving long standing digital directory software’s, by making them applicable to current and future scenarios, that also contribute to our client’s economic sustainability.

In result from identifying the industries that suits our approach, we have invested time and research on bettering those industries with our software solutions targeted at campaigns that are personalised to appeal to specific audience demands.

Our Vision

Jouney iT Pty is a leading graphic and web design company that delivers innovative solutions to help businesses succeed. Through our graphic design, web development and website management services, we specialize in developing, implementing and measuring successful web strategies to enhance your business and get the results you want!

In the online world, it is vital to have a web presence that attracts the attention of your target audience. You need a creative agency that will help you understand the complexities of online marketing and how to take advantage of opportunities.

Jouney iT Pty will work with you to create a customized visual identity that translates to the web and into print. With that polished and professional look your business will be positioned for growth.

Project And Clients

List of clients that trusted us with thier brand and clients we have colaborated with:

Tiger Brands


red bull